Global Ning's Family Hompage

Global NingĄ¯s Family Homepage was founded in June of 2001, which is a non-profit website launched and organized by NingĄ¯s sodalities of Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian with an aim to promote the communications among NingĄ¯s people around the world, commemorate NingĄ¯s antecedents, inherit the glorious tradition of NingĄ¯s ancestors, encourage our generation to be progressive by the famous figures of NingĄ¯s family, carry forward the culture of clan names and make contributions to the accomplishment of the great reunification of our motherland.

We especially wish to acknowledge Mr.Hope Ning,and his wife Ning Mani,they tranlate the English version of our site.Thanks!We couldn't have done it without you.
A Message from Ning Zhi Qiang

On 9th June 2001, I received an e-mail from Mr. Ning Kai Guo in which he told me that NingĄ¯s people in Qinzhou, Guangxi, were editing a genealogy for NingĄ¯s family of Southern China and many of the elderly in NingĄ¯s family there were eager to set up a website of Global NingĄ¯s Family Homepage in order to establish a bridge for the gathering of NingĄ¯s people and provide with a place for NingĄ¯s people to talk about their family relations as well as collect more information for the family tree on NingĄ¯s clan. Upon his invitation, as a member of NingĄ¯s family, I feel obliged to make my own contribution to the completion of this website even though I am not the most suitable person to take this great job with my limited capacity. Therefore, your comments and criticisms on this website are highly appreciated so as to improve it constantly.

------Ning Zhi Qiang, manager of the website.
(Translated by Ning Mani on April 20, 2002)
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